Week 2 with Master Key Experience #MKE

The ride begins

I have a blueprint. It is made of thoughts, feelings and beliefs. In that order. It is a creation. My thought creates a feeling that forms a belief. It is a cause and it produces seeds of habits.

My habits of thoughts, feelings and beliefs, my blueprint, my world within wants to manifest in the world without.

I take action and get a result from that, an effect in the world without.
It is understandable, I accept it.

Master Key Experience wants to learn me how to think for myself.
I am interested in that, I want it too.

How do I learn that ?
There are some keywords in how. Honest – Open minded – Willingly.
Let me taste that.
Yes, it has to be like this.

Willingly ?
Willingly with resistance to be honest.

I go down to the cellar, there he is, my horse. He looks at me, not happy. How could you leave me here for so long ? I am overwhelmed to see him. He is a working horse, not a championship jumping horse. He is angry, and has an accusing tone in his voice. He is blaming me and I feel so guilty about it. I take him out. There is a high density of feelings between us. We are not in the mood for quarreling now. We both want to go, he is rusty. Not in perfect condition and it has been a long time since I sat on him. We need to get in contact again and need time for bonding together.
I jump up on him and we start to walk. We find a path that is bumpy. It is a bumpy ride at the beginning and my horse is grumpy. We reach a field and I take the opportunity to turn the soil. We both like to be here but suddenly there is a noice and my horse get scared and takes off in a short run before I manage to stop him. That makes me lose my grip and I almost fall off. Still on the horse we continue for the goal with the ride today. We are on the way to pick up my toolbox. It is near the field and we reach the toolbox. I open it and there they are. I can see them now, my tools. It was quite some time since I used them. There are layers of them. I can not see them all. I need to remove the upper layer to see the next more clear. I take the first one up, it is connected to my will. It is my old tool, I used it a lot. It fits my hand and it is rusty. It needs maintenance, to oil and sharpen it. When I hold it in my hand I turn around and look my horse in the eyes. He looks at me, still a bit grumpy, but I see a glimpse in his eye. Of course he wants to be here, he is meant to be, he is a working horse.
We walk back, it is enough for today, both satisfied with this day. We know there are many things to do in the near future and that we will spend a lot of time together.

5 reaktioner till “Week 2 with Master Key Experience #MKE

  1. Reblogga detta på CINDY och kommenterade:
    Hi really held me in my seat reading your story, wishing i had a horse to bond with. I watched the original show ”the horse whisperer” like the actual guy that helps people with horses. wow, you truely know how to write, i am very glad that you are here on this journey together. cheers


  2. Hi I appreciate your story here, I really loved how you wrote your story, You tell it with emotion and now i want a horse to bond with. My art is the same, i paint with emotion. I was on the edge of my seat reading it. I can see you being there. Super great, i know this story doesnt end it tells a story in part of the journey you are on. cheers



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