Week 3 with Master Key Experience #MKE

Knock, Knock ! There is somebody at the door. It is me. What do I want ?

Week 3 and I am working on to create new habits. Better habits than before. Important to celebrate each step too.
Actually it is we doing it. Me and the other 400 students in the course. All of us do blogs as a part of Master Key Experience.

I explain my understanding in this presence. I pick one part here now. One of the tasks we are doing is to put up a chore on chorecard. On top of it I write;
I promise to……then I write the chore, let say……clean out papers at my desk……at a certain date, always sunday…..October 14. I mark it with a red circle this week. In the bottom I write; I always keep my promises…..then I sign with my name Per-Olof Söderblom.

I decided this chore at October 7. Three times a day I read it out loud with enthusiasm. At the same time I read out loud last weeks chore that was to clean my car that I did. This is marked with a blue rectangle. It feels good, because this was something I thought I would do for a long time but never did.
There is a continuity in this and I experience some positive change in myself. I read it louder than before, I start to believe in it. My confidence is slightly better. It feels good. I absorbe the the feeling of satisfaction. This was something I did now, but earlier wanted to do for a long time and did not do. It is good. I like it.

So it is a kind of celebration. I connect something that I planned to do and then did. I remind myself and my subconscious mind, Subby about it and I celebrate it. Woohoo, yippie I cleaned the car. It is a bit funny and at the same time it is not. Because Subby does not know the difference if I have broken the world record or cleaned the car. If I put the same amount of joy, enthusiasm and feeling of successful victory Subby does not know the difference.

The main question is;
What do I want ?
If I want help from my subconscious mind I have to be crystal clear. Because Subby do not do vague.
What am I going to do ? Where am I going to do it ? When ? How long ? Income ? How ? What do I need to give up to make this a reality ? How does that feel ? Subby wants to know this. Subby wants crystal clear. How does that feel me living my dream and inner desire ? Specificity.

It is a drawing. To give a picture let say this is a drawing of a bridge. Where is this bridge going ? It is going to a place where I want to be, where I live the life of my dreams. Where my life has a purpose. If I drop this drawing on the street, anybody who pick it up would be able to build the bridge from the instructions on the drawing. This is how specific I must be to get my subconscious mind working to make this a reality.

I went down to the cellar and took out my horse. He was a bit reserved and we started to walk. Suddenly he stopped and turned his head away from me. He did not want to walk and he did not want to talk. We were just standing there. We did not want to go back and in this moment we were not moving at all. I felt his sadness. I moved closer to him and hugged him. I saw a tear fall down on his cheek, in the same moment I felt my tear on my cheek. Now the tears flowed from us. I felt our heartbeat.
After some time there were some small birds which drew our attention. We heard them quit when they flew between some bushes and trees. My horse saw the grass growing there and started to walk. When we got there he started to eat from the grass and I sat down beside him. I took out my tool from my shoulderbag. I picked up the tool connected to my will and started to brush it with a steelbrush. It was rusty. I looked at the stone I brought, that was lying there in the grass. My symbol for understanding and also connected to my heart.
It was quiet and peaceful, we sat there for some time. It felt good to be there. Important and precious. It had been mostly cloudy all day, now the sky cleared up.
We were interrupted in our doings when the sunrays hit us. There was a good view up here from the hill. We both looked up and saw the sun over the horizon. It was a beautiful and clear view. We felt good to be here and we knew we were preparing for a journey.

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