Week 6 with Master Key Experience #MKE

Starting to act

This week’s have laid the foundation for changing habits. I’m starting to walk at the path towards my new desired reality.

I’m starting to feel a little bit more happy and my resistance is today weaker than it was 5 weeks ago.

I am now looking forward.

I am in a better mode.

My shell is cracking up.

I have begun to feel expectation.

I have taken some small action towards my new life.

Communicating with some of the other 400 students in this Master KeyExperience course is of great value.

Many are stepping forward and it’s a real pleasure to read how they overcome limits, obstacles and feeling more happy and confident.

This sharing part is actually a very important part for me.

I am eager to continue.

I went down to Subby, my horse. He was in a clearly better mood and this happened just the last days.

Our walking period side-by-side was over. We were just walking, not really riding, even that I was up on his back. We felt comfortable this way.

I let Subby show the way. We walked the usual path and then Subby turned off to the right.

It was lushy and leafy here with a lot of undergrowth. Subby stopped and we looked at the flowers. There were several butterflies flying around and between the plants and the flowers. It was beautiful and we felt a pleasant scent from the flowers.

Subby continued the path that were going along a tree road with a meadow surrounding. At the end of the path that was an opening in the foliage between the trees. Now we were in front of the entrance to the net of the pipes, the piping. We just looked at it, no entrance today. We knew we were going to go back in there, even deeper than last time. We knew it was coming pretty soon.

We sensed our connection now Subby and I. When we started to reconnect there was a lot of emotions in between us. This energy was blocking our linking channel. There was a transformation in progress. Some of this energy had already transformed into a creative energy that linked us together.

It felt just natural and it was a relief for us. We felt connected and leaned on each other, Subby and I. Subby continued and at the end of the tree line the was a big meadow that spread out.

At the meadow was an old orchard with apple, pear, cherry and plum trees. Now it was the flowering season and Subby walked slowly among and in between the trees. We spent the whole afternoon here. We stopped randomly and felt the scent from the flowers. We heard the sound mat, a buzzing from all the bees and the bumble bees flying between the flowers.

Subby entered into the branches. The bees, the leafs, the colours, the shapes, the buzzing, the wonderful scent, the flowers. This was undoubtly one of nature’s wonders. Mother nature providing her mystical magic. Nature gave us a first class performance and we were on the first row.

Subby and I connected and I could in that moment feel how we grew stronger.

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