Week 7 with Master Key Experience #MKE

The week of forgiveness.

So important to forgive. It cleans out a lot of old feelings that are blocking and reducing possibilities in this presence.

To be able to fully engage with expectations I need to forgive.

It comes with mighty healing power.

I let the forgiveness take place in me here and now.

I told Subby to go to the source and we went straight to the pipe system.

Subby went quickly to the center of the source and the high frequency vibrant energy filled our being completely. The doubt disappeared instantly and I came to rest and peace.

I felt a pleasant positive sensation in my body. I was just myself and felt very relaxed. There were no anxiety or fear. It was very peaceful and I realized that Subby was a part of me. It came to my understanding that this was healing universal energy.

Subby, this part of me as a horse, did go straight here and it was obvious for me in this moment that this source was precious for us.

I knew here that that I was fully capable of doing what I wanted to do.

Subby resisted when I told him to go back. Why do we need to go back, he asked me. I knew Subby needed to stay in this place and I just needed to do some preparations for us to move here. I knew he was right.

6 reaktioner till “Week 7 with Master Key Experience #MKE

    1. Thank you, Terry. I now start to understand the importance of sharing. We grow with each other. I perceive and I am aware, so my big challenge will be staying centered within and increase my connections with people and things surrounding me. We did take one step already right. Let’s take the next one. Thank you again, Terry !


  1. Thank you for sharing. I love the way you describe your experience of forgiveness and how important you noticed it was for you and subby to fully engage the experience of going within and strait to the pipe system in oneness. I love that you found yourself surrounded in Peace. Great blog!



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