Week 8 with Master Key Experience #MKE

The fork

I am the result of my choices and when my road parts I choose to take the left or the right. So it is with my life on a daily basis. I have a foundation based on what I previously did in my life. What I thought, felt, did, experienced and inherited. To be aware and get conscious of my thoughts, moods is of great importance.

Because that is the cause of my actions and that is what creates my life. I am changing my life because I dont think I live it at my fullest, at my best. Its not that easy to do it. I have to be persistant and discipline myself to change. I need to practice, practice, practice to create these new habits that lead me to my new desired reality and to my new desired life.

8 weeks have passed through the course. I am honest when I now say that I am going to do it. It came to a important point in the process when the feelings that have been burden me down in my life changed to a expectant feeling. I am zealously looking forward to create my new life. I am deeply grateful for that.

I went down to Subby, my horse. I took him out and sat up on his back. Subby, lets do something that we usually dont do I said. Subby was in a ready position to go just waiting for my instruction.
Go to the restaurant, we will have lunch there. Subby moved with ease and we arrived to the restaurant to have lunch with my friend. I had told him about the course before and now I told him that I felt much more at ease. My vision was still not clear but some parts were clearer and it felt good.

I told him about changes I made since I started the course. Small changes that have lead me to feeling more confident and happy. My mood was better on a daily basis. When he was listening to me he said; There is one thing I thought about and now I decide I will do it. I felt happy hearing him saying that. We decided to meet more often.

Things started to change in present moments. I feel more decisive and have just began to take some steps to my new life.

I looked out through the window and saw Subby standing there. We looked at each other and he communicated with me. He turned his head backwards and said; Have you seen my wings ? You know I have wings. I saw them folded on his back. It was like a old memory I now remembered. I can unfold them at any time, just tell me he said looking me in the eyes.

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