Week 9 with Master Key Experience #MKE

Law of growth

Our life and reality is the result from our earlier thoughts, actions and heritage. What we think about grows and what we forget atrophies according to the law of growth.

If I want to change a situation I need a plan for how this will be done. To make the change a reality I need to get my subconscious mind working for my will. I need to feed Subby with new positive impressions. Because Subby do what it is used to do. I can say that I want to change something, and I start with good results. As time goes by, if I havent fed Subby enough with new positive impressions the old habits will win. There will be no change. I need to provide nutrition to my new desired change to make it a reality.

One way to affect Subby is by imagination. To sit calm, imagine and visualize the desired situation. To see it as it is happening live right now. People, gestures, voices, wind, clouds, cars, movements, stairs, sun, food, chairs and so on.

To make the vision clear and alive. This requires practice. Its hardly likely that this clear and alive vision will be seen at first attempt. Persistent practice will make it grow and develop into the desired vision.

Practice of the week is to visualize how a seed is beginning to grow. How the small fine roots finding its way through the earth. How the cells are dividing and knowing their purpose and doing it. Growing further down and dividing into a net of roots. How the plant starting to rise up in the air and dividing into small branches. How it grows and thickens. How the first leave appear and develop. How the plant grows and get stems. Finally the first flowerbud starts to open up and unfold until it is fully developed. Then to feel its fragrance. To visualize the plants whole lifecycle from a seed to to a fully grown plant with a flower.

I went down to my horse Subby. I am not in the mood for walking today he said. What is my purpose here, he asked. Well I am trying find that out, I said. Lets just go outside for a short while and get some air, I said. We went to the small grassfield and Subby started to eat from the grass.

You have not really told me about your plan, Subby said. Just some instructions and you do some new things I dont remember you did before. Im not in the mood doing new things if you not tell me about it. I know my path I always use to go. Some part of it is really tiring but im used to it so I just go there. I know it creates pain but I am comfortable there. You need to give some clear instructions to me. And to hold me firm in that direction.

I understood him. He was right. It was time to start to move in a new direction. And I had to be loud and clear to Subby what my plan was, what direction we were going, what it looked like, all the details and what we were going to do there.

It was obvious that Subby needed a lot of positive feelings from me. I needed to convince him that way, get him interested. That was what Subby needed right now, a flow of positive feelings. I could not do this without him.

I promise to, Subby. I promise to tell you everything and I promise to do my best to be happy, I said. Subby looked up at me, nodded, smiled and said; Good, I like that.

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