Week 10 with Master Key Experience #MKE #Movingforward

Building that burning desire.

Week 10 and I am moving slowly forward. I am focused on my new reality and we are fully booked all day long with the requirements in the course. I am having difficulties to express my feelings out loud.

We are supposed to celebrate for anything we do like when we have put the garbage in the trash can. Even when opening a door och just taking a step. There is no limits for how happy we can be for ordinary small things. Yippie, I opened the door !

The combinations to all the different ways to affect Subby. Now is the time to apply the knowledge, decide and start to do things that will lead into the desired reality. It’s time to focus, stay centered and begin the new path.

For me it is going slowly forward. I want to change but my old blueprint is comfortable with its current situation. So it’s not a easy change.
It’s challenging in many aspects. Still im moving forward even if it is with resistance.

Hello Subby, lets go out for a while. Subby looked at me, nodded and said; sure ! Whatever you say I will do. And if you don’t say anything I just do what I use to do. Like my mood, I will keep it until you do new funny things every day. If you think it’s more fun and meaningful than the things you use to do you. I will start doing them, Subby said.

When I have learned to do them there is no need for you to feel tensed about that thing. You can relax. I will do them for sure.

There is one thing I want to tell you about, Subby said. I have many channels, contacts and sources that you probably have forgot about. I know you have. Yes I have, I said. I remember some of it. Well, what are you waiting for ? Subby asked. Why don’t you go all in ? You know I have limited energy. Limited energy, he replied with a question mark. Yes, I said. If you say so it is probably true, Subby said. Are you lacking energy to celebrate whatever you do ? I felt a bit ashamed and let the tip of my left shoe do small circles in the grass. I want to do different things but you need to convince me you know, Subby said.

Hello, I don’t hear you ! What is your response ? You just need to raise the voice with a bit higher volume than the one I have had to distract me. As simple as that. Come on let’s do this now, Subby continued. I nodded to Subby, went to him, took a firm grip and held him close to me. I directed him for a walk to the North.

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