Week 11 with Master Key Experience # MKE # Cracking the shell

Cracking the shell and the Law of attraction

Subby had increased speed. The walk was now a fast walk. I felt Subbys steps and movement through my hips and up the spine. I hummed at a melody. Where are we going, he asked. Keep on walking Subby. We are heading north.

What’s there to see ? There are many things up north. Like what ? You ask a lot of questions, Subby. Yes, because you don’t tell me. That’s why. I am curious, you know.

It feels good to move, he continued. Good for my heart, my lungs get filled with air and my body get exercise. Yes, true Subby. I can not stay in the cellar. I will atrophy there. I have abilitys, you know. Skills. Do you remember ? No, you don’t remember everything he replied his own question. Yes Subby, you are right. You are my master but I have the keys. We need each other, right ? Yes Subby, we need each other.

Why are you indecisive, he continued. You are really asking a lot of questions, Subby. I guess I still have some fear. Why do you have that he asked and then continued; You have fear for no reason. I mean there is a reason to it but if you try to remember….. try hard now. I remembered instantly when I lived my life with less fear than I do now. I remembered periods with great confidence and joy. Subby stopped.

There is a mirror in the bag just beside my folded wing. Take it out and look into it. Do it now. I did as Subby told me. I felt emotional. Subby continued; Your fear is like a glue attached to your body. There are others feelings acting the same way. They are holding you back and pushing you down. They are only here to disturb you. Do not let them control your life. You are my master. Master me and I will help you. Look into the mirror again. I followed Subbys instructions.

Say now; I promise to follow my heart. I said it and felt emotional again. Do this everyday, Subby said. Your feelings letting you down will get weaker day by day until one day they will have no influence over your life. Be persistent until its done. As simple as that. I hugged Subby. There were so many feelings in motion saying that and looking myself in the eyes. This was powerful.

I am still waiting for you to tell me what we are going to do, Subby said. I know you are, soon Subby, soon.

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