Week 12 with Master Key Experience #MKE #Moving forward

The only way to keep from going backward back is to keep going forward.

With the power of thought it is possible to create the desired reality we want in our life. It starts by learning how it with focus is possible to keep a thought in our mind and to choose a feeling we want to attach to the thought. One thought, one feeling. It sounds easy. Is it ? It is not. Persistent practice is needed.

It is necessary to learn how our mind is working and to practice the seven laws of the mind. Otherwise it is easy not to reach the goal when resistance appears from the old blueprint that want to keep its old habits.

That is why we need to attach positive feelings with our goal. We learn that to keep in contact with our within and to receive our inner thoughts is of greatest importance. To keep it close to the heart and to attach positive feelings. This is how to lay the foundation for a new habit.

The next is too visualize our desired goal, dream, reality. The plan have to be sharp, positive and specific. If I start a project and start to listen to the voice from the old blueprint there might be fear and indecision coming into the mind. It may cause me to not adhere to the plan or to not add enough positive feelings and that can lead to undesired result. It is of the greatest importance to keep calm and specific when I express what I want.

Such a waste If I do all the work but I am allowing parts of the old blueprint scatter my thoughts and feelings. I need to be vigilant, the watchman at the gate can not let anything that will disturb my creation enter into my new life.

Old blueprint……This is my new life and there is no time and space for you here anymore. You used to be here. I open the doors for you to leave. If for any stubborn reason some part of you choose to stay I will watch and observe you transform into my new life.

Even so, I know now that knowledge does not apply itself. I need to do the exercises with passion and I am doing it. I have just started to weave my new life into my everyday life. I will now focus on the knowledge of my power, focus on building up my courage to dare and my faith to do it. To be persistent in implementing my definite major purpose in my new life. That’s really something worth celebrating.

This Master Key Master Mind Alliance is one of the greatest things that happened in my life. I am together with 400 other students and I read about their progress. Its amazing to read how so many changed part of their life already. To overcome fear, obstacles, limitations and start to move to build up a new life with a purpose. Wow. Its so inspiring to read about them.

There is one sentence that caught my attention;

The only independence is found to be a practical working knowledge of the creative power of thought.

I went down to Subby, my horse. Hello Subby ! How are you today ? I am fine but still waiting for you to tell me what is going to happen. I will write a book, I said. That’s interesting, Subby replied. What is it about ? It is about the healing nature and my guide insisted on me saying that it is a bestseller.

Oh really, now it’s getting interesting. Yes, just me saying that I am going to write a book was a shocking statement in itself from the start. I feel really good about it now. Are you writing it now ? Subby asked. I will start in the first week of January. That’s good, Subby said and nodded to me. Yes, I am looking forward to it. Where are you going to write it ? Subby, it’s late now.     I will tell you next time.

Are you doing the exercise with the mirror everyday ? Yes, I am doing it Subby. I look into my eyes and I say; I promise to follow my heart. That’s good, Subby nodded. It is necessary for you to do that and then you have to keep your promise.

I always keep my promises, Subby.

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