Week 13 with Master Key Experience #MKE #Do it now

The power of now

When the power of thought gets space and there is a presence of observing without prejudice attached to it the subconscious mind becomes connected and activated. Then I experience it becomes alive and creative. It is not fixed, it is in motion.

It is a part of the universal mind and by practice of the seven laws of the mind, the sit, to appreciate all the virtues, sharing, being in service to others, and many many other good quality things in life I can connect to what is like a foundation for the creative power of thought.

Knowledge does not apply itself and I need to get this thing going. How am I going to do it ? The only independence is found to be a practical working knowledge of the creative power of thought. So I just need to start the process now.

The process of adding activitys belonging to my future life by start doing them today. Make it a reality in a small scale, start doing them and see what the result is. With a learning attitude I will adjust and improve myself and the results to get better. Diligent practice and work.

Hello Subby ! How are you ?

Yes, I am fine but are you going to let me stay down here in the cellar for a long time ? I am sorry, Subby. I will find you a better place. Yes, really ! Subby replied. When are you going to do that ? When will you let me move out from here ? I want to know the exact date, Subby said. Subby, please I can not give you that now.

Ha, Subby snorted. Thats only in your dreams. It will only float away in that river. Thats all whats going to happen. You know which one I am talking about. Yes, I know you are talking about the river of dreams but I will make this a reality, I promise you, Subby. If you say so, I believe you, Subby said. But I prefer if you do it now. I know Subby, I said.

Can you give me some proof of all things things you are talking about will become a reality ? Subby asked. I can not give you any proof yet, Subby.

Today we went to the island, that was nice right ? Yes, very nice Subby replied. Let’s go there again and to other places too. That was a small thing I did to start to do new things, to get going in that direction, I said.

What about your book ? Subby asked. What is the title of it ? The title will be; Healing nature. That sounds interesting. Can you tell me more about it ? Subby asked. Yes, but it will be next time, it is late already. I can tell as much as this now…..you will also be in the book. We will be in it together. Subby reacted and looked surprised and happy. That is good news. Now you really have to tell me next time, Subby said. Yes, I will do it, I replied.

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