Week 15 with Master Key Experience #MKE

Difficulty with the old blueprint

In recent weeks I have experienced a resistance to do exercises with enthusiasm.

It’s no news in my life, it’s so now that what’s been hidden and inside now come up to the surface.

Doing the exercises and reading over a longer period with a large dose of positive mental attitude is simply unknown territory for me.

To be positive shortly is a welcome feature in my life but to change me completely is associated with deep fear.

I can talk about it but to live the new positive life is, as I said, something that my old blueprint do not accept.

I act with the attitude that I am not valuable.

I experience the feeling of disclosure to write about this but at the same time it is liberating. This is no news in my life, it’s so now that I have let that which have been hidden come up to the surface.

I can see the importance of using the law of substitution to replace the negative thoughts with positive emotions.

I feel the need to express what is going on under the surface and to give myself praise for being in the course.

For a very long period of my life I have done things without feeling enthusiasm and joy.

When I now start doing so, my old blueprint is making resistance because it feels threatened.

It is understandable and I need to talk about which I do here and now. I will continue to go towards my new life.

I want to replace the negative feelings with positive and it is simply just one that can change that. Me. To give myself positive response in everything I do.

To let this habit be a foundation in my life until it becomes natural for me to act this way.

I want to do it. Im worth it.

7 reaktioner till “Week 15 with Master Key Experience #MKE

  1. Wow, I love your transparency and the way you are observing your old self wanting to hold on to outdated habits. With awareness comes change. You can now tell subby to let go and to embrace the new. Yes you are worth it. You can do this! Bravo!


  2. Thank you for your honesty with us and with yourself. I ,too ,have struggled with enthusiasm making it the first word for the Franklin makeover. Give yourself permission to let go and be your best you!


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