Week 16 with Master Key Experience #MKE #Importance of patience

The importance of patience

How long time does it take to change a habit ? I heard in the course that it takes the subconscious mind sixty days to create a new habit and make it the natural choice in front of the old habits.

How many habits is necessary to change to create a new situation as a whole. I don’t know the answer of this question but it requires diligence to work and move forward to change to a new situation.

I want to talk about the choice. The choice to decide what I want and how I want to do it. How do I know that my choice is the right one ? I have to ask myself. I have to be true.

Is there a possibility that my or conception of what I want and how to get there is not 100% true. Yes there is and if so what will I do ? As I see it I have to consider to go back to where I started from. Go back to square one.

This course have raised a lot of questions. First what I want to do, then is letting go of old thinking and emotional patterns. How I want to do it. Not only what I want to do but I add how I want to do it too. It’s important how I want to do it.

If I change and build up my way to do it will be necessary to think about how it’s going to be done as well. I came to this understanding now and in this presence I have no clear answer. I express it and I will work with this question. I think if I do this in a suitable way for me it will help me moving forward.

Patience is a virtue

9 reaktioner till “Week 16 with Master Key Experience #MKE #Importance of patience

  1. I”’m realising that patience is a real art. Re-framing our own blueprints can take a little while but patience is the key. We’re all on a wonderful transitional journey Per-Olaf and our rewards will be wonderful in so many ways.

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