Week 17 with Master Key Experience #Gratitude #Kindness

Gratitude and kindness

With gratitude and kindness as a foundation it makes my life better.

When I practice and apply these two virtues I experience a completely different level of joy and satisfaction. If I start with myself, I feel joy and meaning when I have the courage to use them. I have lacked the courage and my self-esteem has been forgotten in a way that I have separated myself from these virtues. I realize at the same time that I have separated myself from several virtues.

It’s a emotional insight. What a waste. Better to start now than to never do it. When I open my eyes and focus on seeing people who are friendly to each other, I feel very moved. How wonderful to see when people show gratitude and kindness to each other. I can see that it is happening in daily life, in silence as well as in a open way.

I feel warmth in my heart when I see people who get happy and sometimes surprised. Some people do not respond in a positive way. It’s just to continue sending these thoughts forward and letting them become a foundation for life. Why are people not doing it enough ? I think we are too selfcentered, egoistic and our cement shell is too thick.

There are many good reasons to make it a service to others with gratitude and kindness. I am convinced. When I now prioritize these virtues, I experience and feel more joy and satisfaction in my life.


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