Week 19 with Master Key Experience # The power within

Time has come to expand on my power I have inside me. Am I using all my power in a proper and effective way ? What is my power ? I am still not using my power in a way that I am capable of. What capacity do I have ? I am not sure but im sure I can use more of it than I do today. I am blocking it for that reason that we call the old blueprint.

There is a change taking place within. I am feeling my power and my will. They are growing stronger. I am recognizing them and it’s time to prior them in my life. I once read that it takes as much effort to get weak as it takes to get strong. I just need to turn the energy in a supportive way that is leading me forward. I am getting conscious about my power. It is precious. If I believe I can change then I can change. When I think developing thoughts and keep a positive mind my power create a good environment.

My precious conscious power. If I allow my power to grow and support it, it will grow. Law of attraction. When I am acting as the watchman at the gate the door is closed to the old blueprint.

Can my power grow ? Yes but I actually have more than enough already. I just need to practice and stay focused with it.

The sit is helping me, the sits are now opening up and connecting me with my power I already have. I feel it deep inside. It’s a good feeling and I am starting to give support to that parts within me that still are connected to the old blueprint.

Because I can feel it now, I believe in it. My power within.

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