Week 20 with Master Key Experience #MKE

To understand the old blueprint

If I turn away from the old blueprint and start to do things I want to do I feel joy and purpose and positive feelings. I grow with it and many things follows. When the lack of motivation have grown I dont need to do affirmations to get started because I have already started. My motivation have grown and I am getting positive results from it and I am doing it effortlessly.

It is very good to learn how to set up a goal, how to influence subconscious mind, how to use the seven ways of learning. To visualize and move to a clearly written desired reality.

It is also of great importance to understand the feelings inside the old blueprint. When I change their are feelings coming up from deep within. I have to recognize them and process them. To change habits to something different is challenging. Resistance is coming and slowing my change. When I have feelings of anger, fear, feeling unworthy, hurt feelings and guilt I will keep them because I am used to them. It is my pain and at the same time they are all part of my comfort zone, my resistance.

Coming to this understanding gives me the possibility recognize, process them and deal with them. I am taking charge and going into action when Im dealing with my feelings from the old blueprint. I need to do that. I need to do that over a longer period of time. I am giving myself that time to find my gifts and to describe them in a worth way. I deserve it.

What is the opposite to the feelings that builds resistance ?

Act of change

First of all – Love and forgiveness are necessary for all

Fear – Courage, love and joy

Anger – Compassion and love

Guilt – Forgiveness, acceptance and tolerance

Unworthy feelings – Confidence and being in service

Hurt feelings – Forgiveness, compassion and tolerance
All of the virtues have gratitude.

4 reaktioner till “Week 20 with Master Key Experience #MKE

  1. How sad is it that we are all so conditioned to pain and sadness instead of happiness and love from a young age. We are so lucky to be able to be apart of this course to change our perception. Keep shining beautiful

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