Week 23 with Master Key Experience #Connecting to universal mind

When I am connecting myself to the universal mind I am opening up for being in service and for using my creative power of thought.

I feel satisfied putting myself in position to be a channel. I am activating and using my creative power of thought.

I take charge of my situation by taking a firm grip and making decisions.

Have I become a more self directed thinker ? Yes, I have. There is still improvement to be done. I am starting and taking conscious decisions and steps and I feel very good doing it.

Have I become more happy ? I am still moving forward with some struggle showing up from time to time but I feel more satisfied and confident than I did before starting the course.

I am moving forward and I feel expectant. I have started to do daily practice of qigong and meditation. I am now setting up a plan for my next manifestation.


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