Week 12 with Master Key Experience #MKE #Moving forward

The only way to keep from going backward back is to keep going forward.

With the power of thought it is possible to create the desired reality we want in our life. It starts by learning how it with focus is possible to keep a thought in our mind and to choose a feeling we want to attach to the thought. One thought, one feeling. It sounds easy. Is it ? It is not. Persistent practice is needed.

It is necessary to learn how our mind is working and to practice the seven laws of the mind. Otherwise it is easy not to reach the goal when resistance appears from the old blueprint that want to keep its old habits.

That is why we need to attach positive feelings with our goal. We learn that to keep in contact with our within and to receive our inner thoughts is of greatest importance. To keep it close to the heart and to attach positive feelings. This is how to lay the foundation for a new habit.

The next is too visualize our desired goal, dream, reality. The plan have to be sharp, positive and specific. If I start a project and start to listen to the voice from the old blueprint there might be fear and indecision coming into the mind. It may cause me to not adhere to the plan or to not add enough positive feelings and that can lead to undesired result. It is of the greatest importance to keep calm and specific when I express what I want.

Such a waste If I do all the work but I am allowing parts of the old blueprint scatter my thoughts and feelings. I need to be vigilant, the watchman at the gate can not let anything that will disturb my creation enter into my new life.

Old blueprint……This is my new life and there is no time and space for you here anymore. You used to be here. I open the doors for you to leave. If for any stubborn reason some part of you choose to stay I will watch and observe you transform into my new life.

Even so, I know now that knowledge does not apply itself. I need to do the exercises with passion and I am doing it. I have just started to weave my new life into my everyday life. I will now focus on the knowledge of my power, focus on building up my courage to dare and my faith to do it. To be persistent in implementing my definite major purpose in my new life. That’s really something worth celebrating.

This Master Key Master Mind Alliance is one of the greatest things that happened in my life. I am together with 400 other students and I read about their progress. Its amazing to read how so many changed part of their life already. To overcome fear, obstacles, limitations and start to move to build up a new life with a purpose. Wow. Its so inspiring to read about them.

There is one sentence that caught my attention;

The only independence is found to be a practical working knowledge of the creative power of thought.

I went down to Subby, my horse. Hello Subby ! How are you today ? I am fine but still waiting for you to tell me what is going to happen. I will write a book, I said. That’s interesting, Subby replied. What is it about ? It is about the healing nature and my guide insisted on me saying that it is a bestseller.

Oh really, now it’s getting interesting. Yes, just me saying that I am going to write a book was a shocking statement in itself from the start. I feel really good about it now. Are you writing it now ? Subby asked. I will start in the first week of January. That’s good, Subby said and nodded to me. Yes, I am looking forward to it. Where are you going to write it ? Subby, it’s late now.     I will tell you next time.

Are you doing the exercise with the mirror everyday ? Yes, I am doing it Subby. I look into my eyes and I say; I promise to follow my heart. That’s good, Subby nodded. It is necessary for you to do that and then you have to keep your promise.

I always keep my promises, Subby.

Week 11 with Master Key Experience # MKE # Cracking the shell

Cracking the shell and the Law of attraction

Subby had increased speed. The walk was now a fast walk. I felt Subbys steps and movement through my hips and up the spine. I hummed at a melody. Where are we going, he asked. Keep on walking Subby. We are heading north.

What’s there to see ? There are many things up north. Like what ? You ask a lot of questions, Subby. Yes, because you don’t tell me. That’s why. I am curious, you know.

It feels good to move, he continued. Good for my heart, my lungs get filled with air and my body get exercise. Yes, true Subby. I can not stay in the cellar. I will atrophy there. I have abilitys, you know. Skills. Do you remember ? No, you don’t remember everything he replied his own question. Yes Subby, you are right. You are my master but I have the keys. We need each other, right ? Yes Subby, we need each other.

Why are you indecisive, he continued. You are really asking a lot of questions, Subby. I guess I still have some fear. Why do you have that he asked and then continued; You have fear for no reason. I mean there is a reason to it but if you try to remember….. try hard now. I remembered instantly when I lived my life with less fear than I do now. I remembered periods with great confidence and joy. Subby stopped.

There is a mirror in the bag just beside my folded wing. Take it out and look into it. Do it now. I did as Subby told me. I felt emotional. Subby continued; Your fear is like a glue attached to your body. There are others feelings acting the same way. They are holding you back and pushing you down. They are only here to disturb you. Do not let them control your life. You are my master. Master me and I will help you. Look into the mirror again. I followed Subbys instructions.

Say now; I promise to follow my heart. I said it and felt emotional again. Do this everyday, Subby said. Your feelings letting you down will get weaker day by day until one day they will have no influence over your life. Be persistent until its done. As simple as that. I hugged Subby. There were so many feelings in motion saying that and looking myself in the eyes. This was powerful.

I am still waiting for you to tell me what we are going to do, Subby said. I know you are, soon Subby, soon.

Week 10 with Master Key Experience #MKE #Movingforward

Building that burning desire.

Week 10 and I am moving slowly forward. I am focused on my new reality and we are fully booked all day long with the requirements in the course. I am having difficulties to express my feelings out loud.

We are supposed to celebrate for anything we do like when we have put the garbage in the trash can. Even when opening a door och just taking a step. There is no limits for how happy we can be for ordinary small things. Yippie, I opened the door !

The combinations to all the different ways to affect Subby. Now is the time to apply the knowledge, decide and start to do things that will lead into the desired reality. It’s time to focus, stay centered and begin the new path.

For me it is going slowly forward. I want to change but my old blueprint is comfortable with its current situation. So it’s not a easy change.
It’s challenging in many aspects. Still im moving forward even if it is with resistance.

Hello Subby, lets go out for a while. Subby looked at me, nodded and said; sure ! Whatever you say I will do. And if you don’t say anything I just do what I use to do. Like my mood, I will keep it until you do new funny things every day. If you think it’s more fun and meaningful than the things you use to do you. I will start doing them, Subby said.

When I have learned to do them there is no need for you to feel tensed about that thing. You can relax. I will do them for sure.

There is one thing I want to tell you about, Subby said. I have many channels, contacts and sources that you probably have forgot about. I know you have. Yes I have, I said. I remember some of it. Well, what are you waiting for ? Subby asked. Why don’t you go all in ? You know I have limited energy. Limited energy, he replied with a question mark. Yes, I said. If you say so it is probably true, Subby said. Are you lacking energy to celebrate whatever you do ? I felt a bit ashamed and let the tip of my left shoe do small circles in the grass. I want to do different things but you need to convince me you know, Subby said.

Hello, I don’t hear you ! What is your response ? You just need to raise the voice with a bit higher volume than the one I have had to distract me. As simple as that. Come on let’s do this now, Subby continued. I nodded to Subby, went to him, took a firm grip and held him close to me. I directed him for a walk to the North.

Week 9 with Master Key Experience #MKE

Law of growth

Our life and reality is the result from our earlier thoughts, actions and heritage. What we think about grows and what we forget atrophies according to the law of growth.

If I want to change a situation I need a plan for how this will be done. To make the change a reality I need to get my subconscious mind working for my will. I need to feed Subby with new positive impressions. Because Subby do what it is used to do. I can say that I want to change something, and I start with good results. As time goes by, if I havent fed Subby enough with new positive impressions the old habits will win. There will be no change. I need to provide nutrition to my new desired change to make it a reality.

One way to affect Subby is by imagination. To sit calm, imagine and visualize the desired situation. To see it as it is happening live right now. People, gestures, voices, wind, clouds, cars, movements, stairs, sun, food, chairs and so on.

To make the vision clear and alive. This requires practice. Its hardly likely that this clear and alive vision will be seen at first attempt. Persistent practice will make it grow and develop into the desired vision.

Practice of the week is to visualize how a seed is beginning to grow. How the small fine roots finding its way through the earth. How the cells are dividing and knowing their purpose and doing it. Growing further down and dividing into a net of roots. How the plant starting to rise up in the air and dividing into small branches. How it grows and thickens. How the first leave appear and develop. How the plant grows and get stems. Finally the first flowerbud starts to open up and unfold until it is fully developed. Then to feel its fragrance. To visualize the plants whole lifecycle from a seed to to a fully grown plant with a flower.

I went down to my horse Subby. I am not in the mood for walking today he said. What is my purpose here, he asked. Well I am trying find that out, I said. Lets just go outside for a short while and get some air, I said. We went to the small grassfield and Subby started to eat from the grass.

You have not really told me about your plan, Subby said. Just some instructions and you do some new things I dont remember you did before. Im not in the mood doing new things if you not tell me about it. I know my path I always use to go. Some part of it is really tiring but im used to it so I just go there. I know it creates pain but I am comfortable there. You need to give some clear instructions to me. And to hold me firm in that direction.

I understood him. He was right. It was time to start to move in a new direction. And I had to be loud and clear to Subby what my plan was, what direction we were going, what it looked like, all the details and what we were going to do there.

It was obvious that Subby needed a lot of positive feelings from me. I needed to convince him that way, get him interested. That was what Subby needed right now, a flow of positive feelings. I could not do this without him.

I promise to, Subby. I promise to tell you everything and I promise to do my best to be happy, I said. Subby looked up at me, nodded, smiled and said; Good, I like that.

Week 8 with Master Key Experience #MKE

The fork

I am the result of my choices and when my road parts I choose to take the left or the right. So it is with my life on a daily basis. I have a foundation based on what I previously did in my life. What I thought, felt, did, experienced and inherited. To be aware and get conscious of my thoughts, moods is of great importance.

Because that is the cause of my actions and that is what creates my life. I am changing my life because I dont think I live it at my fullest, at my best. Its not that easy to do it. I have to be persistant and discipline myself to change. I need to practice, practice, practice to create these new habits that lead me to my new desired reality and to my new desired life.

8 weeks have passed through the course. I am honest when I now say that I am going to do it. It came to a important point in the process when the feelings that have been burden me down in my life changed to a expectant feeling. I am zealously looking forward to create my new life. I am deeply grateful for that.

I went down to Subby, my horse. I took him out and sat up on his back. Subby, lets do something that we usually dont do I said. Subby was in a ready position to go just waiting for my instruction.
Go to the restaurant, we will have lunch there. Subby moved with ease and we arrived to the restaurant to have lunch with my friend. I had told him about the course before and now I told him that I felt much more at ease. My vision was still not clear but some parts were clearer and it felt good.

I told him about changes I made since I started the course. Small changes that have lead me to feeling more confident and happy. My mood was better on a daily basis. When he was listening to me he said; There is one thing I thought about and now I decide I will do it. I felt happy hearing him saying that. We decided to meet more often.

Things started to change in present moments. I feel more decisive and have just began to take some steps to my new life.

I looked out through the window and saw Subby standing there. We looked at each other and he communicated with me. He turned his head backwards and said; Have you seen my wings ? You know I have wings. I saw them folded on his back. It was like a old memory I now remembered. I can unfold them at any time, just tell me he said looking me in the eyes.

Week 7 with Master Key Experience #MKE

The week of forgiveness.

So important to forgive. It cleans out a lot of old feelings that are blocking and reducing possibilities in this presence.

To be able to fully engage with expectations I need to forgive.

It comes with mighty healing power.

I let the forgiveness take place in me here and now.

I told Subby to go to the source and we went straight to the pipe system.

Subby went quickly to the center of the source and the high frequency vibrant energy filled our being completely. The doubt disappeared instantly and I came to rest and peace.

I felt a pleasant positive sensation in my body. I was just myself and felt very relaxed. There were no anxiety or fear. It was very peaceful and I realized that Subby was a part of me. It came to my understanding that this was healing universal energy.

Subby, this part of me as a horse, did go straight here and it was obvious for me in this moment that this source was precious for us.

I knew here that that I was fully capable of doing what I wanted to do.

Subby resisted when I told him to go back. Why do we need to go back, he asked me. I knew Subby needed to stay in this place and I just needed to do some preparations for us to move here. I knew he was right.

Week 6 with Master Key Experience #MKE

Starting to act

This week’s have laid the foundation for changing habits. I’m starting to walk at the path towards my new desired reality.

I’m starting to feel a little bit more happy and my resistance is today weaker than it was 5 weeks ago.

I am now looking forward.

I am in a better mode.

My shell is cracking up.

I have begun to feel expectation.

I have taken some small action towards my new life.

Communicating with some of the other 400 students in this Master KeyExperience course is of great value.

Many are stepping forward and it’s a real pleasure to read how they overcome limits, obstacles and feeling more happy and confident.

This sharing part is actually a very important part for me.

I am eager to continue.

I went down to Subby, my horse. He was in a clearly better mood and this happened just the last days.

Our walking period side-by-side was over. We were just walking, not really riding, even that I was up on his back. We felt comfortable this way.

I let Subby show the way. We walked the usual path and then Subby turned off to the right.

It was lushy and leafy here with a lot of undergrowth. Subby stopped and we looked at the flowers. There were several butterflies flying around and between the plants and the flowers. It was beautiful and we felt a pleasant scent from the flowers.

Subby continued the path that were going along a tree road with a meadow surrounding. At the end of the path that was an opening in the foliage between the trees. Now we were in front of the entrance to the net of the pipes, the piping. We just looked at it, no entrance today. We knew we were going to go back in there, even deeper than last time. We knew it was coming pretty soon.

We sensed our connection now Subby and I. When we started to reconnect there was a lot of emotions in between us. This energy was blocking our linking channel. There was a transformation in progress. Some of this energy had already transformed into a creative energy that linked us together.

It felt just natural and it was a relief for us. We felt connected and leaned on each other, Subby and I. Subby continued and at the end of the tree line the was a big meadow that spread out.

At the meadow was an old orchard with apple, pear, cherry and plum trees. Now it was the flowering season and Subby walked slowly among and in between the trees. We spent the whole afternoon here. We stopped randomly and felt the scent from the flowers. We heard the sound mat, a buzzing from all the bees and the bumble bees flying between the flowers.

Subby entered into the branches. The bees, the leafs, the colours, the shapes, the buzzing, the wonderful scent, the flowers. This was undoubtly one of nature’s wonders. Mother nature providing her mystical magic. Nature gave us a first class performance and we were on the first row.

Subby and I connected and I could in that moment feel how we grew stronger.