Press release

I am on the promenade on Eriksberg. The sun shines and glitters in the ocean, the wind is fresh and a little chilly. As usual, quite a lot of people walks on the promenade and also sit in the restaurants there. It’s Saturday, October 15, 2021.

At 13 o’clock, I’ll meet a reporter from the newspaper Gothenburg’s post. Stena Line Ferry is adding to the Majnabbe Terminal on the other side. I see how the ferry Älvsnabben leaves the Klippan stop and goes to the pier at Eriksberg. I approach the pier, pass by the people waiting for the ferry. I pull up the zipper in my neck while I see River Restaurant in front of me. There’s a cold wind.

I am looking forward to the interview, feeling expectant. I feel very pleased that I wrote and got a book published. There are a couple of boats along the quayside. I turn my head to the left and see the boat Gothenburg, a replica from the 17-th century, located at the next quay.

I arrive at the door, open it and step into the half full restaurant. I sweep with my eyes and see the female reporter sitting at a table close to the water. She looks up and gives me a smile. I am going to Elisabeth as she’s called. We greet each other. The waiter comes forward and asks what we want. We order coffee and a small cake.

Elisabeth; You have just published a book, Healing nature. What is it about?

Per-Olof; The book is a series of observations and reflections where I use nature as a basis for finding and creating balance and cooperation.

Elisabeth; Can you tell me more about how to create balance and collaboration?

Per-Olof; It started with being very tired and getting ill after working for stress for a long time. Nature is a place I can be in and relax and recover. I see in nature how people, animals, plants and natural elements interact and create a form of harmony.

I find that there is an interaction, activity, participation and presence in nature. It develops and strengthens people, animals and plants if they have enough space and the right conditions. I thought there could be something I could try to come back and recover from my fatigue syndrome.

Elisabeth; You write in the book about how nature helped you and what you do today. Can you tell me about it ?

Per Olof; Nature has been and is a place where I rest, recover, find balance and strength and also inspiration. Being in nature have given me the most precious support to recover and get my life back. It is a pillar of my existence.

I live in Gothenburg and spend three months in Cascais, Portugal in wintertime. It feels absolutely wonderful to have access to the sun, heat and nature in the winter. My nature visits in Portugal has largely contributed to the fact that the book has become reality.

I work as an educated Master Key Experience Guide where I provide support to people to help them live their lives after their dreams. It feels great to help people reach their dreams goals. I feel participation in this community. I have grown a lot through this work. I am deeply grateful for all of this.

I am physically active in various ways with walking, swimming, weight training and other varied fitness training. I meditate regularly and do yoga and qigong sporadically. It is important for the health, body and mind to be in good shape.

I buy and sell crypto currency and host members to a crypto community. I meet friends and travel on further education for guides, crypto currency meetings and also trips to Asia for vacation. It is very inspiring for me to meet all this people through work.

I have my time and can work online which makes it possible for me to choose where I want to be. It feels fantastic to have this liberty.

It feels absolutely amazing to have achieved my goals. Now I live life as I want to live it. Master Key Experience opened up a door and made this possible. Mother nature gave me peace, tranquility and precious support on the way to achieve my goals. I am deeply grateful.

Elisabeth; Thank you for the interview !

Per-Olof; Thank you !